Xerox Support Number

Maintenance, repair and installation of Plotters Xerox in your home city
At our service centre, we are specialists in the repair and installation of the Xerox plotter, for which we are the Xerox technical support in the area. Not only we are dedicated to repair and installation, but we also perform preventive maintenance (PMS) of Xerox plotter in your area, as well as maintenance and repair of Xerox printers.
We have many years of experience in the field of plotter, so our technical service team are experts in the repair of printing machinery, regardless of the manufacturer.
Our clients tend to be repeat offenders, since they are satisfied due to the great service we provide, obtaining a pleasant experience in the repair and maintenance of the Xerox plotter in the city.

A few of the repairs for which our clients request us are the following:
Replacement of Xerox plotter heads
Replacement of belt in Xerox plotter
Fix power problems in Xerox plotter
Replacement of traction clutch in Xerox plotter
Repair of injectors in Xerox plotter

The copier technical service guarantees an immediate response to the acquisition of your equipment, resolving the possible risk or deficiency of your copier. We are a company with technical service, experts in updating innovative equipment, complying with the standards to solve any problem that may arise.
Before calling the technical service for your copier, printer or multifunctional, consider these simple tips to solve the problem by yourself quickly:

Do you get lines in the copies?
Check that the exposure glass is in good condition. If this is not the case, use a cloth moistened with isopropyl alcohol or a glass cleaner to clean it completely. Dry completely and make sure these lines are a thing of the past.

Stains on the copies?
Check if the spot is in the same location in each copy. If so, the most likely solution is point 1.
We diagnose what happens and we maintain the equipment, guaranteeing the functionality and operation so as not to damage the investment you have made. We report solutions immediately, to leave in exact conditions and without further damaging your equipment. We have services that guarantee the adjustment of your equipment such as cleaning maintenance that physically helps the copier.
The copier technical service reports where the equipment is installed and if it has a damage or risk of the spare parts, facilitating their quotation and the installation service. In case of filing elsewhere than our facilities, a separate charge will be made for the cost of the spare parts. The equipment is left in optimum working conditions and working 100%, we guarantee our services and quality of work.
If these solutions do not solve your problem with your equipment, do not hesitate to contact us. We have technical services certified in the XEROX and other brands, and take into account that our maximum response time is one working day in the District and the Metropolitan Area. We offer a variable service so that the equipment is fast, safe and without risks.
As a new reseller of Xerox products, we will make available to its customers the full range of Xerox solutions that provide productivity, cost savings and security for office environments of any size. In the meantime, as an Authorized Service Provider, it will provide its customers with an exceptional service provided by technicians evaluated and trained by Xerox, and only genuine Xerox parts will be used to make the arrangements of the devices.
We continue to grow and add partners to reach more companies and help them improve their business with our market-leading products and services. It is always satisfying to get our customers to have new options to reach our products and thus be able to get solutions to solve real business problems.
Company provides Xerox distributor partners with more training tools to offer an optimal service to their clients, confirming the commitment and long-term strategy of Xerox with the region.
Our team of experts is not only having a deep knowledge to mend Xerox copier but also they are expert in similar product of various brands. We have certification and authorization of all those. On demand of various others authorized service centre Xerox our team deliver technical lecture. Also we arrange practical workshop for those at our parent centre.
We have a big store having full range with adequate quantity of spares in stock. Availability of all spare in house increases:
Overall efficiency of the technical team
Reduces cost to company
Enhances market value of the service centre as well as OEM Xerox
Enhances customer satisfaction indeed
Reduces overall downtime of the product and Increase overall business
Keeping in mind the above USPs of our service centre you shall contact our team whenever required to keep your product in service for a long term

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